Belgian Summer

FINALLY. Summer has arrived in Belgium and you can really tell that it’s been too long since we last saw a ray of (sun)light. First of all it’s only in Belgium, Antwerp that you will see people fight for a table on the terrace in the sun. “Ehm excuse me, but that was my table” ‘Nu-uh now it’s mine, … Continue reading Belgian Summer

Surfing safari

Today I have to pack my bags for my surfing trip. Time of departure: tomorrow morning at 3 AM, sharp. I’m totally psyched, because I’m in real need of a holiday (who isn’t!). Taking up 3 jobs (kudos to all you double/triple jobbers out there) might have got something to do with it, so I promised myself that I will work on my work-life balance upon my return. … Continue reading Surfing safari

It’s all about WOO

I love meeting new people. New people take me to places I’ve never been before, teach me new things and make me more open-minded. Some people only (want to) know the same type of people. I don’t. According to Gallup’s strengths finder test, I’m a real WOO’er. A what now? A woo’er… WOO stands short for: Winning Over Others. First reaction: ‘Damn … Continue reading It’s all about WOO