Brother-Sister jokes

I’ve got one older brother. We physically don’t look-alike at all. He’s dark skinned, I’m rather pale. He’s got black hair, mine is brown. He’s got a beard, I don’t.. At first sight you might say that we’d have different parents. Until you hear us make jokes. You know that kind of humor that only … Continue reading Brother-Sister jokes

Waste of time wash

So summer’s in town. Or at least it was for a day. Since rays of sunshine make me utterly happy, I felt like doing something heroic. Like washing my car. Yes, it’s a true personal victory whenever I wash my car. I honestly never understood why some people spend so much time and money on their car. … Continue reading Waste of time wash

Do before you think

It’s apparently the key to success according to some of my entrepreneurial friends. I must admit; they’ve got a point. You can ALWAYS find a (good enough) reason why not to do something or even try to do it. One is then bound to sit and stay put at exactly the same place where he or she sat and stayed already … Continue reading Do before you think